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We’re stoked you’ve joined this journey with us. Our Founder Will Blum was born and raised in Jackson Hole, WY where he spent most of his life outside being active. By participating in these activities with fellow adventure-lovers, alcohol became a way to celebrate and socialize with his community. However, the alcohol he was drinking always acted as an inhibitor in his life. A lot of the options out there left Will feeling weighed down and took him away from his next adventure, rather than add to it. Thus began the search for a product that was portable, used true high-quality ingredients, and was uncompromising to drink.

Man running on the beach with a surfboard and a Bluebird Hardwater Vodka + Water can.

At the end of the day, nothing beat premium spirits balanced with pure water. But why didn’t someone just put that in a can? Take it to the golf course, pack it for the beach, have it waiting at the ski lodge, or bring it camping. Carry in, carry out. It seemed so obvious.

After searching from coast to coast, Will realized it didn’t exist. No one made premium spirits + pure water. So, he set out to create HARDWATER. A combination with no bullsh*t… just the perfect balance of whiskey, tequila or vodka paired with ultra purified, hydrating water.

Fast forward a month of supplier visits and legal calls, it became clear. No one had done it because it was incredibly complicated. Still, Will insisted it could be done.

The Bluebird team can’t wait to continue to grow with you by our side. Are you ready?



Hardwater: The perfect combination of premium spirits and pure water. With Bluebird Hardwater you get the perfect pour, made by and for real people like you.



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